Clutch Bowling. 
What is it?  Why do I want to do it? 

Simply put, Clutch bowling is the coolest VIBE (Virtual Interactive Bowling Experience) you’ll ever see on a bowling lane.  You’ll want to do it because you’ve never bowled like this before.

With Clutch you have the ability to practice target shooting to improve your game.  You can also practice target shooting to wreck some chickens trying to cross a road (no really, you can). 

Mobile app

Clutch has its own mobile app which allows users to set their own games and effects on their lanes.

Lane Effects

Visual lane effects that interact with the ball are displayed on the lane. These can be set to random, center wide, or individually on each lane. 


Clutch Bowling introduces a new way to bowl with games projected onto the lane that interact with the ball. Battle head to head in our lane vs lane games, or try to beat a high score and get on the local, or global leader boards. 

Ball Effects

Ever wanted to throw a fireball down the lane? Well that’s exactly what our ball effects allow you to do. From escorting the ball with airships to shooting cannons at pirate ships, the ball effects provide a whole new level of interaction while bowling. 


We are bowlers here at Kingpin’s Alley so when we decided to add Clutch bowling we made sure to provide a way for our bowlers to work on their games to improve.  With our Clutch system you can set specific goals and targets, and see immediate feedback when you reach those goals. Goals can be speed, accuracy, amount of hook etc. 

We even have Kegel Specto on all 12 lanes which, along with its mobile app, will allow bowlers to work on their games and actually see real time data as they are doing it. 

PRICING:  Clutch pricing is $39.95 per hour.

                  Specto pricing is $39.99 per hour.


Reservations are recommended.  Walk ins are accepted as lane availability allows.