Tournaments at Kingpin’s Alley

Do you like to bowl tournaments and put you skills to the test? At Kingpin’s Alley, we run and host tournaments throughout the year. We have a good mix of events that we run and that are open to any bowler and then we host events that are run by outside organizations. 

Kingpin’s Alley 9 Pin No-Tap Series

House Tournament

The KPA No Tap Tournament Series was a huge hit last year and we can’t wait for the next season to come around so we can do it all over again. Just like last season we will have 6 tournaments, one per month starting in October and running through April. In May we will have the grand finale where the top 8 teams will come back for a free end of season event with a chance to win bonus cash. We have made a couple of changes to the series this year to ensure fairness for all but most everything from last year will remain the same including the low $25 per person entry fee. Please be sure to look the rules on the link below.