2024 Summer Leagues

Are you looking to improve your game? Do you want to become more competitive or simply be a better bowler and knock down more pins. Our Sport Shot Challenge is the answer. This “league” is a non-commitment program which means you bowl when you want and don’t when you don’t. For only $10 per week, you get to test your skills on challenging lane conditions that will make you better at the game. Four games each week and a different pattern each week. This program is for all ages and skill levels. You can’t help but become better with this program.

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Always one of our most popular summer programs. Our Jr./Adult pizza bowl gives parents the option to join their kids on the lanes. It really doesn’t matter who bowls with the kids. It can be a parent, guardian, older sibling, etc. Three games each week along with pizza and soda for only $10 per person.
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Our popular summer Have a Ball league moves to Tuesdays this summer. The league begins on May 7th . Three person teams, any mix, bowl at 6:30pm on Tuesdays. The league runs for 16 weeks. Bowlers pay $20 each week and receive a voucher for any ball they want (restrictions apply). Don’t want or need a ball? Then bowl for only $15 per week.
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The premier summer league here at Kingpin’s Alley. The Show Me The Money
league is a doubles handicap league that bowls on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm.
The league runs for 16 weeks. The cost is $20 per person/per week. Start date
is Wednesday, May 1st.  4 games each week. Team may consist of two men, two women, or one of each.  Handicap is 90% of 230. The estimated prize fund is $10,000 based on 42 teams of two.  This league normally fills up so be sure to get your team signed up early.  Returning teams from last summer have until April 1, 2024 to retain their spot.  Please contact the bowling center to do so.
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This league is our summertime senior league. Teams of two, any mix, bowl on Thursdays at noon. The league runs for 16 weeks, and the cost is $10 per person. This is a popular and fun league that is open to all senior bowlers.

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This league has quickly become one of the most popular ones here at KPA.
Three person teams (any mix) compete during a 16 week season which includes
playoffs, super bowl & even a pro bowl. The unique scoring format simulates
NFL scoring and makes for non-stop excitement each week. Teams bowl four
games each week (simulating 4 quarters of a football game) The league uses a
handicap format and is $25 per person/per week. Start time is 7:00pm each
week. Get signed up quickly to ensure your team a spot.  Start Date is Thursday April 25th.

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Summer leagues at Kingpin’s Alley are every bit as much fun as our winter leagues.  We offer summer leagues for all bowlers no matter what your skill level.  Summer leagues are a great way to keep your game sharp, maintain the social aspect of that league night out, or you can join a league as a beginner and get ready for the fall leagues.  Whatever your reason, Kingpin’s Alley has what you are looking for.  We have leagues for competitive bowlers, families, seniors, kids, etc.

All summer league bowlers receive $2 per game open bowling all summer long. Whenever lanes are available, our summer league bowlers can come in and bowl an unlimited number of games and pay only $2 per game. This promotion runs from June 1 thru August 31. Bowlers must be current with their league dues to receive this discount.

Bowling is a year round sport and summer is a great time to bowl.  Call us or stop in for information on our summer leagues.

2023 Fall & 2024 Winter Leagues

KPA SENIORS:  This league bowls Monday mornings at 9am. The league starts on September 11, 2022 and bowls for 32 weeks. There are 4 bowlers per team, any mix. The cost is $12 per week, per bowler.
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KINGPIN CLASSIC:  The Kingpin Classic League is the #1 scratch bowling league in area.  2023 marks the 28th season for the league and we are looking to grow.  Last season the league boasted 36 teams and we want that to grow to 42 for the new season.  This is the league “where the big boys (and girls) play” and if you are a bowler looking for great competition and a lot of fun then you need to join this league.  3 player teams are formed via a draft (which takes place on Aug. 21) and they compete in head to head, match play competition for 33 weeks beginning August 28, 2023.  The league holds local and USBC National records and is known far and wide for its big scores.  Brackets and jackpots are offered each week for those looking to capitalize on their bowling ability.

Once again this year we are pleased to have Storm/Roto Grip on board as league sponsor. With 42 teams prize fund will approach $50,000.

You can visit the league official website for all the history and stats at     www.kingpinclassicleague.com

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Too Cold For Golf ● Oct 17th ● 25 weeks ● 9:00 AM ● Men/Women ● $10.00/wk
This league is a senior league for both men and women. They bowl on Tuesday and Thursday, but the best part is you can bowl whenever you want. No Commitment. Fun, friendly league, perfect for retirees.
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SPORTSMEN PLUS: Formed in 1983, the Sportsmen league has evolved through the years from a five man team league to today’s mixed 4’s format. A Tuesday night staple here at KPA, the league bowls at 6:15pm. There are 4 bowlers per team, any mix. Start date is August 29, 2023 and the league bowls 32 weeks. The cost is $20 per week, per bowler. This is a great league with a very nice prize fund. This league floored 30 teams last year and they want to grow. Individuals and full teams are welcome to join. This is a great league for bowlers of any skill level.
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WEDNESDAY:  Free Ball League

Beginning January 10, 2024 we will offer our HAVE A BALL LEAGUE.  This league offers a three different price points to fit every budget.  This is a great way to have a night out with family and/or friends.  No long-term commitment…league is only 16 weeks long.  Participants can get the ball of their choosing depending on the package they select.  Don’t need a ball?  That’s ok, we have a price point for that as well.  This is a great way to get one of the newest & hottest bowling balls.  Get your family and friends together and form a team.  A fun night out and a new ball…perfect.

Highlights Of The Have A Ball League

  • Starts on Wednesday January 10, 2024
  • 3 person teams, any mix
  • Only 16 weeks long
  • Price points to fit every budget
  • Each participant has a choice of new ball or no ball at all
  • A night out full of fun and friendly competition

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HURRICANE:  This league bowls on Wednesday night at 6:00pm and starts on September 6, 2023.  The league bowls for 30 weeks. Teams consist of 4 women.  Cost is $16 per week, per bowler.
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TRI LAKES:  The Tri Lakes league returns in 2023 and they are looking for teams and bowlers.  Teams of 4, any mix bowl for 32 weeks beginning Wednesday September 6, 2023.  Start time is 6:15pm.  The cost per bowler is $18 per week. Contact us at the center for more info or to sign up.  You can even sign up on the form below.
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Too Cold For Golf ● Oct 17th ● 25 weeks ● 9:00 AM ● Men/Women ● $10.00/wk
This league is a senior league for both men and women. They bowl on Tuesday and Thursday, but the best part is you can bowl whenever you want. No Commitment. Fun, friendly league, perfect for retirees.
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CORINTH SENIORS:  This league bowls on Thursdays at 12:00pm. The league starts on September 7, 2023 and bowls for 30 weeks.  Teams are made up of 3 bowlers, any mix.  Cost is $13 per week, per bowler.
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Matinee ● Sept 28th ● 26 weeks ● 4:00 PM ● Women ● $10.00/wk

AUTOMOTIVE:  The Automotive league is sort of a throwback league as it is comprised of 5 player teams, you don’t see that a lot anymore.  Five player teams, any mix, bowl at 6:15pm.  The league starts on September 7, 2023 and bowls for 32 weeks.  The cost is $20 per week, per bowler.  This league has bowlers of all abilities and is our best drinking league. Lots of fun.
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SKY-HI:  The Sky Hi League is now a mixed league.  Long a men’s only league, in 2018 this league became mixed.  This is a doubles league that will start on Thursday September 7, 2023 at 7:50pm.  They bowl 3 games per week and the cost is $15 per week.  This is more of a laid back league with a later start time to accommodate those who get out of work a bit later than most.
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FRIDAY JUNIOR LEAGUE:  Our Friday junior league begins on September 15, 2023 and bowls at 5:30pm.  The kids bowl 3 games and receive coaching from USBC certified coaches, all of whom have completed the required REGISTERED VOLUNTEER PROGRAM as well as the SAFE SPORT certification.

All of our coaches take the time to work with the kids as a group in addition to individual on lane time.  The league bowls for 28 weeks and the cost is $10 per week, per bowler.  There is a one-time registration fee of $10 per child.

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Ages 5-17

All Skill levels

Travel League Available

Sign up night

Friday 9/8 5:30pm

Use Specto lanes

Right bubble:
League starts:  9/15
Fridays 5:30pm

SPECIAL OLYMPICS:  Kingpin’s Alley is very proud to host the Special Olympics bowling league every Saturday morning at 10am.  We have been the home to this league for many years and we always have room to expand it.  We regularly have between 80 and 100 bowlers for this great league.  The season begins on Saturday September 9th.  Contact us at the bowling center for information and to sign up.
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*NEW* SATURDAY LEAGUE:  KPA has a new Saturday night league starting on September 9.  4 person teams, any mix.  The league will have an organizational meeting on September 3 at 6pm.  Team can sign up then or you can sign up your team before that by calling the lanes.  The cost will be $22 per week. 

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All of our leagues are looking for new teams/bowlers. You don’t have to have a full team to join, we can place individuals, couples, etc.
You can sign up using the button on this page, by phone or by stopping into the center

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All full season league bowlers also receive the following benefits

  • 10% Discount on snackbar food and beverage purchases

  • 10% Discount on pro shop purchases and services

  • Bowl a 900 series and win $10,000

  • Guaranteed low practice rate for you and 4 guests – league member pays $2 per game, guests pay $3 per game

  • In house tournaments throughout the season

  • Free league keeping service available for all leagues including award processing and in house banking of prize fund

  • In house awards program…get recognition for your bowling achievements.

  • First place trophies for your team.

  • End of season tournament for KPA leagues bowlers…win your next season’s dues on us. Two divisions, handicap and scratch.

Call us or stop in and we can get you into the league that’s just right for you.